The World Turned Upside Down

Jul 12, 2020
Who will write the story of our lives in this mind-bending season? We need revelation along with revolution. It's not a moment; it's a movement...and more profound truths from the greatest work of art of our times.

If you haven't seen the play (now film) Hamilton and/or become obsessed with the music over the past five years, hang in there with this post! Like the coronavirus, this viral hit is not going away any time soon.

I had bitten the proverbial Hamilton bullet and seen the play in Chicago two years ago (with Wayne Brady as Burr - another mind-bending twist) and again in Minneapolis last year. Now, during a different season of turmoil, I've watched the play-turned-firm on Disney+  several times since it was released on July 3. And three fundamental truths hit me (yes, at the exact same time).

One. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all beyond messy. Chaotic, contradictory, sometimes cruel. Even the most compelling ideals are complicated. Jefferson's words may ring like poetry, but they were fought for with blood and bullets, in defense of a nation built upon the oppression of women and the savage system of slavery.

Two. People are complicated. It's never just the villain or the victor, the sinner or the saint. You can get dizzy figuring out which is which - in the show, in your own life, in your own heart. Depending on circumstance, we are all capable of great virtue or great depravity. In the current environment of vicious blame and shame, this is a humbling reminder.

Three. We are all part of a much larger story - more vast in scope, significance and legacy than any of us can imagine. Part of thriving - and not just surviving - is remembering that whatever difficulty you are facing represents only a page or chapter of your full narrative. Some characters, settings, plot points and conflicts are handed to you. But you can rewrite as you go and are the ultimate author. You decide the "moral of the story." As my friend and mentor Rick Tamlyn has been reminding me daily, play your bigger game. Everyday. Even when the game board seems restricted and the odds are beyond scary.

The plot is thickening in our shared story. Hang in there. Commit to the larger narrative that we are all creating. 

Be well - Anne

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