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Want the Free Introduction to Anne’s New Book?

Never Waste A Crisis Surviving and Thriving: Through Life’s Tightropes, Turmoil and Tragedy

Meet Anne

Fortune 100 Executive Coach, Crisis and Change Expert, Harvard Doctorate, Former Gallup Executive MBA Faculty, Founder/CEO of JourneyLead Consulting, Author, Speaker, Retreat facilitator
Expertise: Business Growth & Transformation, Leadership, Creativity & Innovation, Change Management, Motivation, Team Building

Dr. Anne Harbison is an executive leadership educator known for her work with some of the world’s greatest organizations and thought leaders.

For the last 20 years, she has been teaching, researching and consulting with organizations about how they can thrive through times of great change and transition. In this time of global upheaval, Anne is passionate about sharing her message of how people and organizations learn through, during, and from crisis, as she explains in her new book, Never Waste a Crisis.

Anne began her career in Health Care Brand Management at Procter and Gamble and then served as a management consultant specializing in organizational change and learning. Anne was a Principal Strategic Consultant in Gallup’s executive leadership practice, working domestically and internationally in the health care, manufacturing, retail and government sectors. She received her doctorate from Harvard University researching and teaching on best practices for leadership success.

She has spoken to audiences around the world, including being a featured speaker at The Brooking Institute, the Academy of Management, the Association of Talent and Development as well as Fortune 100 companies such as Best Buy, Cargill, Toyota, Boeing among others.


Teams and organizations need help RIGHT NOW in navigating the unknown - while providing stability and hope for those they serve. Although she most likely won't be on stage for a while, Anne is eager to have a meaningful dialogue with your organization - both learning and teaching as we move through this world crisis together.


"Okay, here’s the deal…Anne is the real deal. I am a fan and recipient of her amazing leadership and dare I call it, humanity development work. She is real, raw, passionate, on fire with commitment and super fun, too! A perfect blend of the essence of Brene Brown and Erin Brockovitch, you can count on being inspired and moved to action. I would be in any Anne Harbison room anytime, anywhere."

Rick Tamlyn 
International Speaker, Leadership Educator and Coach, author of Play Your Bigger Game


This is the perfect moment to invest in your professional development anywhere, at anytime - through JourneyLead's proven curriculum. Expert content, practical application, meaningful growth.


Many groups call themselves teams, but they lack the shared identity, influence and impact that true teams deliver. Through retreats, workshops, coaching and facilitated meetings, groups shift from "me" to "we" with outstanding results.


For over ten years, Anne and her expert team have served Fortune 500 leaders in growing their talent, performance and organizational culture - creating meaningful change and lasting impact.

"Anne Harbison wins the ’Nobody Else’ awards in terms of leadership, culture and people development. Nobody else brings the level of insight, thoughtfulness, and relevant life experience to the types of complex challenges we face today. Whether as a 'guide on the side' (a consultant and coach) or a ’sage on stage’ (speaker), Anne brings a unique and time-tested wisdom to her clients.”

Mike Morrison, PhD
Founder and Dean of University of Toyota; Author of The Other Side of the Card

Partial List of Clients


Whether you're an educator, executive, consultant, thought-leader or individual looking for inspiration, insight and guidance during this unprecedented time, I invite you to join our growing community. I will learn from you, and will offer everything I have. This moment in time will change us all. Let's do it together.


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Suzanne Foster
President of Stanley Health; former President of Medtronic Advanced Energy

"You will be a better person, professional, colleague and friend by working with Anne. She challenges leadership teams while finding the right dose of nurturing support to push everyone to new thinking and results.I highly recommend partnering with her."

Tony Sanneh
LA Galaxy Soccer Star, Bush Foundation Fellow

"Anne’s work was inspiring. She has a way of pulling the best out of all of us. She made us a stronger, more inclusive organization."

Mike LeJeune
CEO GlassArt Design; Former CEO of Fabcon Manufacturing
 "When it became clear that women in our company felt they didn't have the same opportunities that men had, we hired Anne. Combining humor intellect, honesty and vast knowledge, Anne helped us bridge the gap and brought us closer as a leadership team. She is the most impactful consultant I've ever worked with, organizationally and personally."