How Are You Doing With Not Knowing?

Apr 03, 2020

Gallup research shows that our primary need during times of turmoil and crisis is stability. In times of uncertainty, we long to know what is still true, what is expected of us, on what and whom can we rely.  In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, when what we do not know is overwhelming, reaffirming what has not changed will continue to be a touchstone of sanity and comfort. If there was ever a time for gratitude for what we do have, it is now. 

It has become clear that we are experiencing a global inflection point. Across continents, across cultures, time will be delineated by BC (before Covid-19) and AC (after Covid-19). As the profound scope of this pandemic is unfolding, we all need to strengthen our emotional muscles for tolerating ambiguity and complexity. 

So here are two critical questions:

1) What was your relationship with “not knowing” before Covid-19 (BC)? 
In more normal, predictable times, have you been someone who can easily go with the flow, someone who actually feels confined when the next steps are too prescribed? Or have you been someone more comfortable knowing the plans, the timeline, the next steps? Neither personal style is better or worse, but if you acknowledge your “baseline” you can be more sensitive to the ways you will be stretched and challenged in the days ahead.

2) How are you doing with not knowing in THIS moment?
Regardless of your “typical” style, how are you doing in the here-and-now? None of us know how long stay-at-home orders will last, when stores and schools will reopen, or how our economic, political and health care systems will fare. In this unprecedented moment, what thoughts, emotions, fears, and inner wisdom is stirring within you?

I encourage you to actually take a few minutes and write down your responses to these important questions. This is a momentous opportunity for learning-in-the-moment for the entire world. You will cherish, and no doubt benefit from, recording your experiences during this experience of shared upheaval.

Let's survive and thrive together. Anne 

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