Your Life at the Crossroads

Aug 17, 2020

I don't envy the public health and education professionals who are having to make difficult going-back-to-school decisions. It's tricky. There's no way to please everyone. Compromise, even sacrifice, will be involved. The statistical variables change daily. And the stakes are literally life and death. Godspeed.

Fortunately, not all the big decisions that COVID has introduced are as dramatic. Still, weighing personal options regarding schooling, childcare, finances, health care, etc. can be disorienting and draining. You're not alone if you look around and sometimes wonder "How the hell did we get here?" We're standing at a crossroad on a journey we didn't even mean to take.

As for me, I've been at a career crossroad (which has felt like a busy intersection at times) for almost a year. Last fall, I decided to take a break to get serious about my health. That turned into a sabbatical to finally write my Never Waste a Crisis book. Then, right as I was ready to dive back into consulting and leading retreats, COVID hit. Like all educators, I'm now in a completely new world of creating meaningful virtual learning. 

The pivoting is making me a bit dizzy. And yet, being healthy, writing, and creating different avenues for teaching and coaching is exactly where I need to be - even if the roads that got me here were not the ones I would have naturally chosen.
As your life continues to pivot, I'm guessing there are many moments when the path is not clear and the journey makes you feel lost and lonely.

Know that we are all feeling some sort of disorientation. Know that no singular choice is forever. Know that there is not one "right" solution. Be gentle with yourself as you make each turn.

Wondering and wandering is a natural part of navigating crisis. But you don't have to get lost. Remember to travel with a buddy. You are not alone.
Be well - Anne

P.s. For any women in this group who are also facing a career crossroads, check out the online Career Crossroads course I'm launching on August 21. Let's do this together.



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